Real Girls Gaming

It seems the gamer girl stereotype has shifted, where once we were unbearably unsightly; we now seem to be naked. When I became aware of this strange trend, I laughed, since I was sure this wasn’t the case (being of the gaming in clothes persuasion). But my search for attired ladies playing games only managed to support this odd nude gaming moniker (found so many images of naked ladies tangled in controllers). Though all these ladies are beautiful (clearly not unsightly) and have lovely breasts (who doesn’t like boobs!), it felt a little unbalanced. We really don’t all play naked.

Thus my quest was born! To collect as many images of clothed ladies actually playing games (not just posing with a controller).

That’s how it started anyway. It has since morphed into anything pertaining to women gaming, but the prudish part is staying!!

Know of something that would fit right in? Send it over or tell me about it.